Why Us?

Human Systems Integration Limited (HSI) started operating in May 2011 with the primary objective of providing Human Factors consultancy in the Defence, Security and Nuclear markets. All of our consultants and associates have Security Clearance.

Our experts have a wealth of experience in the Human Factors domain and offer cost-effective innovative solutions to your systems, equipment and training needs. Our consultants and associates have strong track records within Human Factors and are carefully selected for their experience within high risk industries to provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel for your project.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide our clients with Human Factors solutions that decrease project cost and risk whilst optimizing system performance across a wide range of market sectors. We always put our customers first and ensure our Human Factors approach draws upon well established principles and is compliant with the UK MoD mandated Human Factors Integration requirements.

We approach each project as a separate challenge and focus on our customers' particular needs and requirements. This helps us deliver a tailored solution which places Human Factors Integration at the core of what you do.

If you are seeking to optimize engineering designs to promote usability and safety, or looking to comply with assurance demands within a safety case, or meet the mandatory requirements of a UK MoD technology project we are always ready to understand your needs.

What is Human Factors?

Human Factors examines the relationship between human beings (operators) and the systems they interact with. Human Factors is focussed on optimizing the interface between people and their technology (human machine interface) to improve safety, increase efficiency, and minimise human error, where lives or high value assets could be lost.


Human Factors seeks to improve the 'fit' between the user, equipment and their environment. This is achieved through careful analysis and application of human science to promote excellent engineering and task design which accounts for the limitations of human performance and the technology required to achieve mission success.